Sunday, October 31, 2010

Something Wicked This Way Comes...

I'm not talking about Halloween, I'm talking about the Wicked Awesome NaNoWriMo! Starting at midnight, I shall be working toward pulling 50,000 words from my derrière, in a coherent sort of manner. My sleeping pattern shall suffer, my drawing is likely to decrease dramatically, I will become stressed beyond means and my time online will dwindle to nothing but the nano forum, writing blog posts and uploads to redgage. You'll still get a few posts here and there, but no where near as many as you've had in recent months. Really, it is likely that I'm to turn into the most ugly, hot-mess of a bear you'll ever meet. I love November.

So, this means if you want to know if I'm alive, check the other blog or email me. I will take a break from sucking down some Arnold Palmer & Pepsi Max, to let you know I'm alive and well... or at least getting there.


Friday, October 29, 2010

October's Almost Over

But first, we've Halloween, some photos taken on a borrowed 10mp camera, and some last minute planning for NaNoWriMo.
Today was definatly the best in-school Halloween I've partaken in. I was part of a Trio, and we were the Powerpuff girls. I got to be bubbles and looking at the photos others took, for some reason I don't think I look to-terribly hideous in the dress I wore. I felt terrible in it, being to tight and short, but I lived. Also, I got to take photos of our Senior Halloween breakfast, for the yearbook. My teacher's camera is beautiful, and I want it so bad. Just saying.
It doesn't help (or does it?) that I was able to take the camera home Thursday night, so I didn't need to stop in an art room before the breakfast. So, I ended up running around our yard, snapping a hundred or so photos. It's a 10MP canon rebel, with a normal lense and a zoom lense; I used both lenses. You get to see the photos below, click on the different photos, to view the deviantart or flickr page, with more info on the shots.

And, NaNoWriMo starts on Monday! I've been planning and plotting up a storm. My Main Character has a name, Bryony Elizabeth George, and I've plenty of ideas for events stringing others together. I get all excited when thinking about it. Though, you can't tell, since the writing blog contains a lot of random spazzing to go with the planning. But still, twill be awesome. Just sayin'.


Monday, October 25, 2010


The title is pretty much irrelevant. This is what many would call a sketch dump. The title comes from a Song that's been stuck in my head a few days, Merrymaking At My Place, by Calvin Harris. Really, I need to stop talking to Tiffy, her good taste in music is trying to kill my camera fund (for I go buy CD's).
My two art classes are going well. I'm getting ready to work on a subtractive sculpture (which I cannot wait for.) It's this intricate snail and will be difficult to make out of plaster, with this hollow web-looking sort of shell. But, my teacher has no faith in me, so naturally, I have to do it.
I'm enjoying my other class as well. Now that I've [almost totally] stopped worrying about [not] being as talented as all my classmates, it works out better, and I'm less stressed. I get to spend up to 3 periods a day (120+ minutes) drawing. What is better than that? Exactly.
NaNoWriMo starts on Monday! I'm SO excited. I'd point you to the writing blog, but it's been quite odd recently. "Poetry," Rhymey-Schmymey stuff and all that feely-dealy. Just ignore it. I'll let you know when it becomes relevant again.
Now, for the pages in my sketchbook. Click each to view it larger.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sugar, Caffine and Chlorine

Today was a marvelous day. School was great, I did some drawings I liked, I went to Tim Horton's for an Iced Capp, and then I got to see my friends WIN their last swim meet!
School was quite magnificent. For some reason I was happy, and able to joke around with everyone. I was productive in my art class, and had fun in my resource periods. Then, I was highly entertained, taking photos at tim hortons and doodling the doughnut case. Then I had to much fun walking back to school for the meet and then got to watch my first swim meet.
While at the swim meet, I took roughly 3 hundred photographs of the meet. The only problem was, it was so dark at the pool with the fast enough shutter, that I had to crank up my ISO setting. (I'm saving for a 14mega pixel camera) So, very few of the photos are getting posted online (on any sites other than facebook), but still, twas quite the experience. I really love photographing sporting events and activities that require a lot of movement. Plus, I LOVE photographing the movement of water.
You can see the only photo I really like by clicking the thumb:
With Love,

Random Photo Of The Day?

Sunday, October 17, 2010


I'm trying to Balance practicing my instruments, with my chores, "social life," drawing & Painting, writing, homework, sleep, and photography. I fear that at the moment, painting, writing, and photography seem to be suffering the most. I play an instrument every time I enter my room. I've time put aside for my art homework, and my chores are almost done. I even budgeted time to go to a swim meet a bunch of my friends are in. Today is the first time this Month, that I've taken a real photo. It's quite depressing. Luckily, I've realized such, and am making a few tweaks to my 'schedual.'

The Halloween blog party I partook in, was absolutely wonderful. I'm still working on visiting other blogs, I haven't had much time today, but it's really grand. I love looking at other blogs I've never visited before. Plus, I have 3 new subscribers, Hello, wonderful people. I'm planning on checking out your blogs once I finish this message to my government teacher.

Anyway, I'm done lamenting, and shall leaf you with some photos I took today. Click the thumb or link to see larger.


Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Fanciful Halloween

Thanks to Vanessa, many are celebrating Halloween a bit early, so you should stop by to see what she's up to. But first.....

Halloween always amused and perplexed Torie. Every year she made herself a costume, but no matter how much she adored the garb she would dawn, the other kids refused to let her partake in their trick-or-treating. This year was no different. The costume she wore made her feel like a classy little witch, with her homemade hat, robe and broom. But, no matter who she asked, none of her peers wanted her to come with them.

Instead of wasting her night alone, sitting in her room feeling like an outcast, she grabbed the wand she had made out of a fallen tree branch, and made her way to the door. She was going to make her Halloween magical, with or without others.

Instead of going door to door, Torie decided to get more into character. She danced around her neighborhood, skipping, chanting made up words and incantations. The girl even waved around her wand, hoping to conjure up a bit of magik. Such seemed unlikely, until she realized the tip of her wand was actually glowing! She, an ordinary girl, was actually able to do magic! It filled her with joy, leading to her spinning around in circles. She only stopped when she began to feel dizzy in the head.

"Oh Dear!" She gasped, when she opened her eyes, once she steadied herself. No longer was she standing in the middle of a street; instead of a house in front of her, she found herself staring down the edge of a forest. Twas dark, but it didn't scare her. Instead it seemed to beckon to her, as though the fireflies tried to lead the way, and each owl seemed to say her name. With her wand hand stretched out in front of her, Torie took a deep breath and a large step into the Forrest.
The girl had no compass, map or any sense of direction, so she found herself wandering aimlessly. She could have gone on in such a way for hours, had an owl not made a noise that resembled "Torie" and caused her to move in it's direction. She was almost there, wherever there was.

Eventually, Torie found herself at the far edge of the forest, stepping over a large bush into an open field. There were many hills, and ontop of the tallest of the mounds, was an adorable little house, and next to it, Torie could have sworn she saw the forms of moving people. The closer she go to the forms, the more she could make out, until she saw that they were, in fact, people- women, Witches! They danced around in the moonlight, singing. Once they Saw Torie, the women ran over to her, welcoming her to join them. They offered her treats and sweets, and to dance and sing. She joined in with no hesitation, and they were all merry as the night was long.

I hope you all enjoy the Halloween blog-hopping party.

(PS, I don't bite, feel free to comment and, if you're feeling especially generous, follow/subscribe^^)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ball Point Pen

So, I've been using my new Moleskin sketchbook, but I'm a bit upset. Gel pen bleeds through, so I've had to switch to ball point. And, the only two I could find, they both exploded on me in school today. I'd love you forever if you gave me one... snail mail? Hehehe.
I've decided I'm going to be working on a self-portrait for my art class/portfolio. Wish me luck, I've never done one from the mirror, so I'll be doing a bit of practice sketches before I start it. I've yet to decide the medium, but I'm guessing it will be pencil, charcoal or pastels.
Also, my school has quite a few nice scanners in the art rooms. *Hopefully* I can scan some photographs without the teachers minding, including re-scanning my others. My scanner makes lines, and I can't bring myself to post such, when I really like said photos.
Well, have a good night, I've self-portraits to try. Ugh.

(Click Thumbs Below for Full View)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Ears, Apollo and Aiming

Yay! You get to hear about what I'm working on, contemplating working on, and have to do for school. Aren't you lucky? Yes, you are. The following is broken into sections.

I. Art Class
I'm taking 2 classes, sculpture and an Advanced College-Ready course. I've finished the first sculpture, which is quite terrible the more I look at it. I thought it was a creative sort of angle on the project, but the teacher made me mess with astetics, and it is now quite terrible. Better luck with the next one.
But, I am quite excited about the Advanced Class. I'm so close to finishing my multiblock print. I carved 6 Linoleum blocks and gotten 4 of them printed. I cannot wait to finish. I'll show you guys the test prints too once it's finished.  Then we've the option to do practically any project we want, as long as it's for our portfolio's. Our teacher is amazing and mentioned bookbinding.
I just need to finish drawing 3 ears, and a sketch of the Greek god, Apollo, which is due tomorrow... :)

II. Workspace
I havn't been online much recently, one of the reasons being how I've spent hours cleaning my room, which contains my desk. I can get to my musical instruments and am going through my music, and in no time, I'll be able to spread stuff on the floor, so I can collage and draw. I'll be able to sit at my desk and draw/paint/write. It will be nice. I will show you photos once I'm done.

III. Misc. School
I'm a senior in high school. I've homework and stuff to read. Ugh.

(Click for Larger View & Info)

I'm going to go clean a bit, and draw for my art class.


Sunday, October 10, 2010


Yes, the title is relevant, just give it time. First, I would like to do a teensie bit of rambling. I'm in a happy, ramble-y sort of mood. Not only am I happy, but it's almost 1am, and I've hit my second bounce-off-the-walls wind. Such Magnificent moods must be utilized, so I'll be running upstairs or laying on the floor to draw once this is posted. I may be right, I may not be. Either way, I feel happy, and have even before I started putting puzzle pieces together, sort of. I'm going to loath myself for it tomorrow, but I'm quite happy, and cannot help it.
I bet my acceptance of stuff, and decision to change, re-arrange and prioritize helps too. I've even spent a few hours cleaning my room, getting to know my instruments a bit more again, and tossing a lot of junk that was cluttering my space. Now the lair is great for productivity.
OH! My mum is totally willing to drive me to see one of my cousins tomorrow, which totally makes my day. It means more ears to draw for my art class, and a kick-arse sleep over with one of my best friends. Plus, we're dyin' some stuff, which should be loads of fun. Anyway,
It's sad to say my sketchbook Salazar's pages are now littered with ink, graphite and paint. So, I've begun a new sketchbook, which you'll see at the end of this. But, before you see that, the last 2 pages (that I enjoy) from Salazar. The first is a braided lady, and the second is me messing around with pencil and watercolours during Sculpture class, (once I finished.) You can click each to see them larger.
Now, Stripes:

Have a Nice Night/Morning/Day,

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Long Weekends Lead to Productivity?

I've a four day weekend, which is quite wonderful. It gives me a day (possibly two) to make a bit of extra cash for the camera fund & developing film. Plus, I've a day or two to clean, bake and do much drawing, painting, writing and music playing.
Speaking of writing, I've a blog about writing here, which I'm going to update after this post. I'd love for you to check it out. Just saying.
OH! Today I spent 4 hours in an art room, printing for 3 1/2 of those four. I'm so close to finishing my first multi-block print, I can taste the rubber cement used to matte it. I've made a few new best friends, who have been willing to wash brayers and plates for me. Seriously, I owe them. I wonder if they like baked goods...
I've to stop rambling here, and take my rambles elsewhere.


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Don't You Just Hate

When people post blogs that are unusually out of character, and/or lists of things that they need to remember? Hi, and welcome.
Why am I out of character? I'm not sure. Well, I do, but it's nothing to disguss on a blog. Let's just say I kinda want to crawl in a hole and hybernate, while at the same time I'd like to get out of said hole, and run around like a baffoon. Two friends in two days tying your stomach in knots. Maybe it can make for good art? I dunno.
I've also been writing, and posting at my writing blog, which you can get to via my profile, which you can view thanks to a link on the sidebar. It's good, I need to get ready for college essays and NaNoWriMo.

Oh, so. The list. By the end of the week.
- Illustration Friday is Beneath
-PF is Macro Shot
-Three Muses' theme is Music
-I'm going to finish carving and printing my first multiblock print
-I'd like to draw another still life
-And you'll see some watercolour soon (I'm thinkin' next week.)

Wish me luck. The song of the day seems to be "Break the Sky," by the Hush Sound.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dear Advanced Art Class

I finished the first of two drawings for my Advanced art class. It makes me happy, so you can see it, and then the letter I wrote to the class itself, not my peers. I'm a nut case, but you know, at least I can admit it.

(Click for larger View)
My dearest Advanced Studies in Art,
You no longer scare me. I fear not any sort of pompous or superiority complexes when it comes to my classmates. Intimidation of their skill is now practically non-existentYour weekly drawings no longer fill me with dread, in fact, I cannot wait for the weekend, where I can sit and draw that object for three hours.
Three hours I sat, perched upon cold porcelain, my toes freezing and my back aching as I leaned forward. I laughed at your hard bound book, and your many blank pages. I mocked you as lines came together to create the forms I saw in front of me. You deserved everything you got.
I've wasted a month, cowering in the 'shadows' of my classmates, which really only existed in my head. I've feared my inability to reach perfection while they all surpass my minimal skill. Not any more.
I refuse to be intimidated.
I refuse to believe I can never be as good as they are.
And now, I refuse to take less than 2 hours to draw something Ancient Egyptian.


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Cold & Contemplative

It's been a morning of introspection in my world, so really if you're here for art, I've posted an older photo at the end of the post, that's about it. It's just one of those mornings. One of those freezing sort of mornings.
Not that it is actually morning. No, such has passed and tis now the afternoon. I spent my night nerding it up, and then partaking in a dance for band geeks. It's only taken four years and over a dozen of different friends to find the right ones, for me to jump around the middle of the gym like a fool, singing Ke$ha and bothering the freshman in my section. I locked up my sketchbook and only did a little people watching, compared to the amount in which I usually partake. I must say, one of the greatest 'social functions' (if you would call it that,) that I've ever been to. I danced quite a bit, once they played Ke$ha, and ran around with Torie and Erika, who make me happy. Plus, I've wonderful aim with skittles. Really the only downside is my over-analyzing things people do & say in relation to and directly to me. Ra-Ra-Ra ah ah.
Oh, and I realized that it's not that I'm antisocial, I'm just quiet in large groups of strange people. I found myself watching a friend of mine (at least, I'd consider her a friend) start talking to a group of guys from another school. She had them engrossed in this conversation, hanging on her words, as she was the words they spoke. The group dynamic changed when the guys had female classmates show up, but not much. That led to me observing other groups. So yes, I am that girl around the perimeter, watching everyone with an oddly entertained look on her face.
Oh, and I forgot how stupid feelings can make one feel. They can cause you to forgive some people sooner than you do others. Oh, and when you wonder the feelings and motivations of others, you can drive yourself insane. It's quite terrible, really. I sometimes want to be upgraded, like a Cyberman. It would make my life easier.
Another thing I cannot do, would be find a happy medium. You may have noticed, that some times I do nothing but take photographs, recently I've done nothing but draw, and over the summer I had a bout of painting. I really need to find a way to constantly draw, write, photograph and play music. Doing one for a few weeks and then another the next few weeks, it doesn't suit me.
I must tell you all of NanoWriMo Before I go. is the URL. Do it.

With Love,

PS. I love snails
(Click for Larger View)