Friday, July 30, 2010

I Have To Paint Outside

Why, you may ask? Well, tis because when I paint, I get into it. Very into it. And well, I make a mess.... Oops. At least Taylor was there to capture it on camera.
So yeah, have a good night. I need to try and be productive, and read what Ginger #1 sent me to read. I'm just tired and have to do things for father.  -_-
 With love,

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fun Adventures are Fun

I would assume that if you're reading this entry, you've partaken in my spazzy art before. BUT, I would not assume you also know that I'm a fan of photography. While waiting for phonecalls to be returned, yesterday and today, my friend Taylor and I decided to talk a walk toward unused train tracks and take photographs. Today we also had our sexy ginger friend Matt come with us. It really was fun, watching the trains, watching Taylor physically abuse someone other than myself, and seeing Matt build a snail house. I've some pictures to post at the end of this entry.
 But, we've to count attempts Taylor made first. (She really is a great best friend.)
So, he parked at my house, and walked to meet taylor (#1) and then made our way to the tracks. We walked all the way down to the first bridge, snapping shots and cracking pervish jokes. Then, when we made our way to the bridge, photos were taken, rocks broken, and graphitti admired.
We walked to the second bridge, and sat under it on the tracks, as Matt built a stone house for snails, joking about someone's heart being an empty shell that would one day be filled. (Was he talking of me or Taylor, for I don't know.) Then Taylor dissappeared (#2), leaving Matt and I, until he decided to attempt to scare her. It didn't work.
After more talking, trains, photos and walking, Taylor sent Matt and I far down the tracks (#3) and called me to say, that she wanted a picture of us 'caring' for each other or being 'affectionate.' I, of course, couldn't actually admit that, so we turn around and he posed as though he was a super hero. Walking back to my house, we stopped in a field with many rocks and I photographed Matt jumping over rocks, kicking in a ninja sort of fashion.
Oh, and then I stepped on a Nail. I'm proud of myself for not just asking him to carry me, though at one point a piggy-back ride occured. My parents are annoyed that I didn't call them. Oops.
So, did you pay attention? Yes, she made three attempts to leave me and Matt alone together. It was awkward, but still, I appreciate her attempts. Really though, if he likes me as I do him, he'd tell me. So, I fear her attempts are in vain.

So, back to the art, far from rambling. Below are some pictures I took yesterday and today. You can see even more of my photography here. Tis my photography account on Deviantart. I'm also going to upload a few to flickr as well. I'll let you know when that happens.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sketches, Doodles and Planning, Oh My!

So, I've been drawing every day, and you'll see that in a second. But first, I've an artshow to discuss with ye.
I enjoy making semi-large goals for myself, and the last one I set was to currate an art show. So, I've been gathering my friends together, and planning an art show. I made some calls today, and left some messages. Hopefully I'll hear back tomorrow. So yeah, if anyone has any suggestions for running one, I'm all ears.
Now for, the Sketch dump.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

What's Your Definition?

When I read books or watch movies & shows, I've a tendancy to draw a lot from them when I draw. But, is that really considered fan art? If it isn't truely intentional to draw someone with a little glass vial, or if you accidentally find the girl you're drawing with a gun pressed somewhere against her anatomy, does it count? Either way, you will probably see a little bit of Zydrate or the Pavi in a sketchbook dump in the near future. I just saw Repo: The Genetic Opera for the first time. Also, I was lucky enough to read the beginning of something my friend is writing, that may pop up too, you just won't be able to tell. -insert evil laugh-

I'll hopefully post the first dozen or so sketchbook pages soon, and maybe some of the paintings I'm working on. Who knows? All I know, is I really need to start Dancing to Joy Division, and stop feeling so blah.

I've a thing for sketchbooks, recycled and not. In the past month, I've purchased 7. A landscape, one with the slytherin crest, three moleskins and two recycled ones. I finally realized if I paint in multiple at once, I can work on a picture, and then another while the first dries. Also, I hope to get the links of my cafepresses (all quite old, I'm working on new designs) up, as well as getting my etsy account totally set up, and things listed. So, yes. Have a marvelous day.

With love,

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Be Kind, Recycle

So, I figured the most important thing for me to do, would be introduce you to Lotus, the sketchbook I am currently filling with paint, pen and graphite. He is 100% recycled, the paper to the cover to the thread used to make him. I started him the 16th, and I've about 2-3 pages drawn a day. I won't post them all at once, just a few at a time.
Here He Is:

Page number one is pen, with a little bit of metalic marker, because I found them and could use them. I'm good with pointless additions. I draw lots of faces, and lips, eyes, noses, etc. Plus, some random animals pop up from time to time.

Page Two is pretty much a spazz that happened when my grandmother pulled out a container full of chocolate chip cookies. We're a family of chocoholics, so it's what we were all thinking. Pen and crayola marker :P

So, other than that, i'm working on a myriad of projects with acrylic paint (hence the yellow finger), including one in voluntary art summer school, and I'm working on planning an art show. Help?

With Love, Sarah

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Oh Shoo!

Hello. I am Sarah.... Yeah.

So, let's skip the awkward and jump straight to the point. I've had blogs, accounts on a myriad of different sites, and friends all over the internet. I've had multiple deviantart accounts, youtubes, photobuckets and flickrs. Here, you have a center for the art of my life. I love music and plan to go to College for music education. But, I also have a passion for the visual arts as well. Photography, drawing and painting take up a large portion of my life as well. My mediums of choice are pencil, pen, acrylic paint and coloured pencil.
I sketch constantly, so you will get to see the pages of my books, my works, finished and in progress, and anything and everything else I come up with.

With love,

PS: Here's something I've done in the past month. Click it to see it full size