Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's Going To Be Mad Fantastic!

If you prance over to a fanciful twist [there is also a banner on my sidebar], you can experience the madness coming to you on June 25th!


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bow ties are Cool

Do you know what else is cool? The last 6 weeks of my senior year in high school. AP tests are over, I have my Ball (prom), a load of senior activities and graduation. I'm currently catching up on the new season of Doctor Who (I've missed episodes for concerts and things.) and figured I'd type up a post. I got into my top two schools, and am incredibly excited to say I'm going to a SUNY in the Fall, for art education. If all goes well, I'll have some better art to post, and end up as an Art teacher.
Recently I've been enthralled by Triangles & the full human form, in quite a melancholy mood, and eating few things other than smoothies, carrots and hummus. I'm reading a collection of Lewis Carroll's works for my my Lit class, the count of injuries due to wood carving is up too four (all on the left thumb,) and I've become very skilled at sleeping again, which both aids the constant tiredness, but makes it worse if I'm not careful. I have found myself even more fond of my ginger friend than I have ever been (which is hard to imagine, but is true), and begun to seriously miss the friend I spent last summer with. It's driving me mad, and half of my thinks it's not necessarily her, but her company. I've been finding it difficult to save money for college and camera lenses, when I want nothing more than dozens of knee high socks, DVDs of Doctor Who and sketchbooks.
Which reminds me, once I save up $25 here (It's redgage. I get money for views. If you look at my content, I'd love you forever.) I'm going to get 2 packs of Moleskine 3-packs and draw on them. That will make me happy.
My nose is cold, and I've other things I must do, so drawings and photos below. Click to see them larger, on deviantart or redgage.

PS: If you've a tumblr or google reader, I suggest heading over to My tumblr, where my art is posted one thing at a time, more in sequence and sooner than it gets posted here.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Branching Out to a New Material...

Haha, get it? No? Branch, wood, comes from trees, with branches? Yeah, I know, my jokes are lame. Anyway...
My school is having it's annual art show in two weeks, and I'm really excited for it, because I get a whole 4' x 8' board in it. For some reason I've decided I'm going to finish an idea for a 3-d piece before it starts. This is my first time trying to carve wood. I used a scroll saw, and am now using steel carving tools. My wrist is numb and my tall socks are full of wood shavings, but I'm hoping it will turn out well. I basically have no clue what I'm doing.
So far, I've sliced open the tip of my left thumb. I shall be keeping a tally of wood & wood tool induced injuries. If all goes well, I won't injure so many fingers that I lose the ability to type. Now, I'm going to go find some blood-free sand paper, and try to work on it a bit.