Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Heart Is Your Piñata

Okay, so maybe not. But I find myself wondering what would happen if I walked up to someone of the opposite gender, and told him such. I'll spare you all the boring and depressing "I'm a lonely only child, who has no boy to love her, or friends to hang with," crap. I do have friends, but I've to many things to do at home, so I cannot make plans without parents cancelling them. And the lack of boyfriend 'boo hoos' is mostly aftermath of seeing friends with their significant others. They are just so adorable & perfect together, it makes me wish I had someone. You know, the Benedick to my Beatrice. The Angel to my Buffy. The Ron to my Hermoine. Someone to hold me, and complement me even though I'll never believe them. [NO. I refuse to feel these teenage girl emotions!] Oh, and I read into things to much, so that doesn't help... sorry about the pathetic rambles. Anyway.

All I do in school is draw in my sketchbook. I've taken more photos in the last week than I did last month. I must go through all my sketches and photographs. I won't make any promises I cannot keep. You'll see something eventually. I'll just focus the emotion at music and art, so I can type up a real post.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dear Macbeth

On the 5th of November I got a chance to shoot a friend's band's (Dear Macbeth) first gig. I had an amazing time, and am *trying* to find transportation to there next one. You can see all of the photos I posted Here, on the Flickr Stream. Plus, some of my favorites below, just click each for a larger view.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Alive and Well-ish

I felt bad for not posting, so, hello. Basically, it's almost half way through November, and I'm getting stressed & frustrated, mostly due to there not being enough hours in each day, the need to sleep, drama, parents, and Nanowrimo. Nano isn't doing well, I haven't written in almost a week. Time management is my weakness, friendships are stressful, and college isn't close enough or far enough away.

On a happier note, my striped sketchbook is full. So, I'm thinking once I'm caught up and signed up for everything, you'll see a dump post or two. I really love my new sketchbook, you'll see her later as well. Plus, was asked to photograph a friends band on friday. I had loads of fun at the show. I'll post photos of his show later, but below is one of the shots I got of the other band, "Break the Silence."
(Click the Image for More Info & Full View)

So, I'm off to go try and be productive. Wish me luck,

<3 Sarah