Saturday, February 26, 2011

Actual Productivity!?!

I'm shocked too. I did waste quite a bit of time, sleep in and nap frequently, but all in all, I actually did stuff. I walked to Erin's house, drew, painted, photographed, cooked, cleaned and wrote. I watched movies and listened to music. I even ran around in the snow, with mum's puppy. I panicked about the future, college especially, and realized my love of cheese & pickle sandywiches, and hard boiled eggy-wegs.

The most recent of the paintings posted have been dry for about an hour. I spent a nice two hours painting, and pushing Betty Davis off my art supplies. [She's a pushy broad.] It wouldn't have been so bad, but I would get up and move things, and she would be laying on the floor, where I sat to paint. And then she laid on the heart diagram when I needed to look at it. Eventually I just put her on my bed. The fluffy pillows led to her being incredibly disgruntled and upset, but some how, she dealt with being placed upon the mattress.
Now, I shall spew what's been posted this week. Muahaha. Haha. Ha.
Keep Calm & Paint On,

Sunday, February 20, 2011

You know I can't keep calm. Hearing that sound, you know I go crazy.

The month is 2/3 over, and the best way to get through the last days, is go to the Mall with someone fantastic, go to an apples store for the first time, purchase real cheap CD's and a Wolverine Bobble Head. I found myself with the Gorillaz, Sweeny Todd, Little Miss Sunshine, and the newest Dollyrots CD. The title being from the song currently stuck in my head, my heart explodes.
It's been a while since I've posted a blog, because, well, it takes me longer to pound out one of these than I'd like to admit. That's probably why I've been spending more time at redgage and tumblr, than I do here. I mean, most of the stuff on there will end up here eventually, so you don't need to go make accounts if you want to see everything I post. Once I get an acceptance letter, I'm guessing my mind will be less jumbled, and these will be more frequently posted.
So, I've been doing a lot more watercolouring than anything else, except maybe non-objective pen doodling. I really love my new brushes, which go to school in a sort of on-the-go watercolour kit. I even bring strips and pieces of heavier paper, from cropping other things I've painted.
I have the week off, so I'm hoping to get some more arty farty things done, once school stuff, SAT's are sent, my room's clean and I've got my guitar string replaced. Below, you can see some of the drawings I've done, and photos I've posted. As always, click to see them larger, on deviantart, tumblr, redgage or photobucket.

PS, if you have a tumblr, go here before the end of the month. Trust me

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Superbowl Sunday, and this is Not a Football Related Post

Instead, this is a post about my trek in the cold snow, to take photographs! I did most of my chores, pulled on my jacket and grabbed a spare pair of batteries. First, I shot mum's puppy as she ran around like a complete fool in the snow. After I put the dogs in, I trudged through our yard, and then made my way down the street. I was outside for an hour and a half total, taking photographs today. I startled some ducks (and they startled me) at a bridge, and I waved, or at least smiled, to as many cars that passed as I possibly could. Sort of like a "Thank you, for not hitting me," kind of deal. I even had time to walk along train tracks for a bit. But, then I went home, a mixture of memories and not being able to feel my toes.
[I got home and felt the need to re-life the memories. And, It's funny, going back and reading all your old blog posts. You see things you remember, and things you don't. And, you realize in the moment, you only see what you want to see. You think someone is working for your best interest, when such actions were nothing compared to their actions, minimizing you and trying to leave you behind.
Oh, and then there is the pain, reading about a past best friend. You loved them like the sister you never had, and you feel lonely again, wishing to go back in time a year. To where you had someone coming over, and someone to bounce ideas off of. But, then you remember the hard times. When they tried to take credit for your ideas, when they used you and ignored your feelings. They made you miserable and didn't bat an eyelash. Self-absorbed people should wear nametags, so I don't keep making friends with them.]
So, I've spent some time going through the photos, posting them to deviantart and redgage. As always, I would love you forever if you'd click the thumbnails and take a full-sized look.

Now, I may go watch the superbowl.... or watercolour.


Saturday, February 5, 2011

February is One of my Least Favourite Months

First and foremost, it is because it's cold. I hate the cold. Also, Valentine's day happens to be in 9 days. That also makes me bitter.... Anyway.
I've been doing a lot of doodling, nothing to terribly exciting, but I did take photos today, and get some fantastic things at an art store.
Some Matte Board, Aqua-Brushes, a New Pallet, white Gel pens and 
some brown acrylic. They were on sale, and I'm lazy.
So, that trip to the art store was funded by, which is a fantastic website, which helps you earn money for views of your content. I've been posting blogs, poems, links and photos since May, and I love the site. The Community is fantastic, so I think you should all join... but, I am bias.
So, some photos I posted (click for the redgage page.) are below, I'm going to go use my new aqua Brushes^^

Sarah <3