Friday, December 31, 2010

Adieu, 2010. Good Riddance.

This year was good. Then it  was awesome. Then it was terrible, less terrible, almost okay, and for the last few weeks, took a turn for the even worse. Much has been learned, much has been lost, and in the end I feel slightly forgotten. But, in approximately three hours and nineteen minutes, it will be over. But really, what does the end of the year matter?
The world isn't going to shift on it's axis, I won't suddenly find myself with loads of cash and males drooling all over me. I will still have to practice at art and music to improve. Dad will still be sick in the hospital, and I will still be a head case, looking for some happiness in my terribly angsty teenage sort of world. It's all quite depressing, seeing how terrible my life is. Everyone should pity me, really. I'm poor little Sarah, who needs everyone to stop dealing with their problems, and cater to my every whim.... Haha, that's funny. Sure, I vent, but even I can't be that obnoxious.

It appears to be time for resolutions, things that I'd like to accomplish in the year 2011. Yeah.

1. Increase Creativity
Generalizations are fun! But, I'll be more specific.
-- I'd like to paint more, Acrylic & Watercolour.
-- A month to fill a sketchbook, it shows I need to make an effort to draw daily.
-- I'm going to have prints of at least one drawing or painting. And I'm going to sell them.
-- I'm going to open my Etsy Shop, Art and Audacity. I'm so close to being able to.
-- I Will get my Nikon D3100 if it kills me. Seriously.
-- Maybe sort of try and get more blog traffic.... :)
2. Decrease Hate & Pessimism
3. Be more Prompt & Reliable
-- I will plan, not put to much on my plate and ask for help if I need it.
4. Be More Confident.
-- I'm going to take compliments in stride,
-- Feel confident in my own skin
-- And Own how awesome I am.
5. Read & Write Like there is no tomorrow.
-- I want to get published, so I'm going to write daily.
-- Not only would I love a novel published, but short stories, novellas & poems are awesome too.
-- Reading at least 4 days a week is a must.
-- Editing and learning more about Grammar and spelling too.

Was there anything else I meant to add to this? Probably. Am I going to wrack my brain? No. I'm much to busy dwelling in hateful thoughts and self-loathing for, say,  three hours and three minutes.


Thursday, December 30, 2010

Can You Say Watercolour?

I've had tubes of them for quite a while. I've dabbled with them. But, then I spent more time online, saw what they could do, and decided to dive in. I'm no where near as magnificent as this lady over here is, but hey. My first attempt, I don't think it's too terrible. It was just a quick thing for my friend Cory over at deviantart, but still. Tell me what you think, and more importantly, how to suck less :P
In Progress
Final (Click for Full Size & Info)

Monday, December 27, 2010


I told you I'd be back, didn't I? I could have sworn I mentioned dumping loads of doodles and drawings upon you. Either way, I spammed dA, and now you guys. The following is a bunch of pages from my current sketchbook, Robin, so it's pen, marker or crayon, on recycled paper. You can click them for a larger view, and more information.

So, here's the deal-eo. I've a week off for the holidays, so once I catch up with all my school work, I hope to get a few more posts up. If there is anything you'd like to see me draw/sketch/paint with pen/pencil/crayon/acrylic/watercolour let me know. I love suggestions.
Also, if you  would nose around the content here, that'd be great. 74 cents for every 1000 clicks and all that jazz. I've hit $51 dollars, and since I'm saving all my money for a camera, I could use it for art supplies and film developing... and caffeine. So yeah, if you've a bit of spare time, I'd love you forever if you went though the photos I posted, and the links etc.
I'm not going to taunt you with everything I got for Christmas.... Just the fact that I got a 64 pack of crayons, with the built in sharpener :P Be jealous.
So yeah, happy end of 2010, heres to a better 2011. I'll be back with resolutions, plans, ideas, and more incoherent babbling.
Happy Belated Christmas!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tonights Gonna Be A Good Night?.... I'd Rather it be Productive

Basically, I'm taking all of my paints, canvases and works in progress up to my room with me tonight.
I am going to shower, fill a bazillion cups with water and grab some towels.
Then, I'm going to go ape-shite all over my room.
I've a project due tomorrow, or well, Friday morning. It's a painting, that I will finish on time. I have to.
Then I've a christmas project to finish, and a bunch of other ideas. That's just the acrylic stuff.
Then you've the watercolour works, and pencil work, and coloured pencil, and pastel and charcoal.
Yeah, I'm planning on getting little to no sleep tonight.
I'm okay with that.


Saturday, December 11, 2010

I Know What My Issue Is.

Spending time by myself isn't the greatest for me right now. 
I mean, it is, but I lack the feeling of having someone to talk to at the drop of a hat, so I feel quite terrible. 
So that, paired with some other stuff going long, is why I haven't drawn much.
But, I've been doing more doodling, which is better than nothing.
And, I seriously want to finish something, and make prints of it.
It's odd, but I dream of selling prints on etsy.