Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Six Months Later

I didn't realize how much I missed serious blogging, since I've been tumblr-ing instead of posting here. I miss adding more information about stuff, rambling and ranting. So, there's a good chance I'm back... Once I figure out this new blogger layout.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Doctor, Doctor!

Gimme the news, I've got a bad case of timelord blues. And then there's the centurion, It's just a bad case of timelord blues.
So, I've graduated from High School, been watching Doctor Who up the wazoo, and trying to get ready for college [while trying to relax at the same time.] I've received more gel pens & crayons than I know what to do with, and have been offering cheap senior portraits for all of my soon-to-be-high-school-senior friends. 
I still cannot use blogger on my computer, so I suggest checking my tumblr, , because you're going to get more updates there.

PS- Not to brag, but this weekend & next week are gonna be awesome too. 4th of July, and then my 18th Birthday is on the 7th.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I Am A Death Eater.

This is what I do for fun and to make Freshmen jealous that they’ve requirements to follow.
Being the Death Eater I am, while the studio art kids were making prints of flowers and animals, I made the dark mark. I've 10 prints and four sketchbooks dawned with the mark of Voldemort. Since I have some boxes coming in the mail (literally, boxes... It's a free shipping kit.), I've decided to have a giveaway!
I'm giving away one of my Dark Mark Moleskine Sketchbooks!
All you need to do is stop by my tumblr and follow. Then Reblog This Post!
On June 28th I'm picking a winner via a random number generator. So, enter and tell all of your Voldy friends!

Pieces of Limbs and Polyjuice Potion,

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Basically, Blogger Now Hates my Computer

Blogger works at School, but refuses to work on the computer I usually use. (Just like tumblr.) No matter the browser, I can't log in or comment on others journals. So, I will try to get a sort of Photo-Dump post up soon, and I will have my June 25th one ready in the Queue for the Mad tea party. Other than that, no guarantees.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's Going To Be Mad Fantastic!

If you prance over to a fanciful twist [there is also a banner on my sidebar], you can experience the madness coming to you on June 25th!


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bow ties are Cool

Do you know what else is cool? The last 6 weeks of my senior year in high school. AP tests are over, I have my Ball (prom), a load of senior activities and graduation. I'm currently catching up on the new season of Doctor Who (I've missed episodes for concerts and things.) and figured I'd type up a post. I got into my top two schools, and am incredibly excited to say I'm going to a SUNY in the Fall, for art education. If all goes well, I'll have some better art to post, and end up as an Art teacher.
Recently I've been enthralled by Triangles & the full human form, in quite a melancholy mood, and eating few things other than smoothies, carrots and hummus. I'm reading a collection of Lewis Carroll's works for my my Lit class, the count of injuries due to wood carving is up too four (all on the left thumb,) and I've become very skilled at sleeping again, which both aids the constant tiredness, but makes it worse if I'm not careful. I have found myself even more fond of my ginger friend than I have ever been (which is hard to imagine, but is true), and begun to seriously miss the friend I spent last summer with. It's driving me mad, and half of my thinks it's not necessarily her, but her company. I've been finding it difficult to save money for college and camera lenses, when I want nothing more than dozens of knee high socks, DVDs of Doctor Who and sketchbooks.
Which reminds me, once I save up $25 here (It's redgage. I get money for views. If you look at my content, I'd love you forever.) I'm going to get 2 packs of Moleskine 3-packs and draw on them. That will make me happy.
My nose is cold, and I've other things I must do, so drawings and photos below. Click to see them larger, on deviantart or redgage.

PS: If you've a tumblr or google reader, I suggest heading over to My tumblr, where my art is posted one thing at a time, more in sequence and sooner than it gets posted here.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Branching Out to a New Material...

Haha, get it? No? Branch, wood, comes from trees, with branches? Yeah, I know, my jokes are lame. Anyway...
My school is having it's annual art show in two weeks, and I'm really excited for it, because I get a whole 4' x 8' board in it. For some reason I've decided I'm going to finish an idea for a 3-d piece before it starts. This is my first time trying to carve wood. I used a scroll saw, and am now using steel carving tools. My wrist is numb and my tall socks are full of wood shavings, but I'm hoping it will turn out well. I basically have no clue what I'm doing.
So far, I've sliced open the tip of my left thumb. I shall be keeping a tally of wood & wood tool induced injuries. If all goes well, I won't injure so many fingers that I lose the ability to type. Now, I'm going to go find some blood-free sand paper, and try to work on it a bit.


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Look, a terribly misshapen rabbit cookie, to celebrate the holiday! I'm going to spam you with photos and drawings, but first I have a few things to tell you guys. First, I love the internet, for making money and shopping. [Thanks to, I now own 2 new pairs of socks. Thanks to Cafepress and selling my stuff, I'm getting a journal with my own design on it.] Secondly, I have never wanted to etsy more than I do today. I received a lot of encouragement and cheering from some of my family today, after one took a look at my sketchbook. I really love them, and would even if they didn't say anything. Third, I go back to school tomorrow, which I cannot wait for, and yet also am dreading. Fourth, I would appreciate it if you would like my facebook page and suggest it to your friends. Fifth, I'm considering a give-away of sorts. Would you rather receive a little drawing, or a notebook/sketchbook with a drawing on it? Sixth, I think I may have some ideas for quite a few little 'series' of a few drawing/paintings. I'm not sure yet, and still need to take reference photographs. Penultimately, I have been stressing way to much about the future/college/finishing school, so you may see a stressed-out sort of drawing. Finally, I received Twizzlers, Chalk, Bubbles and candy. If you get some sugar-fuelled post in the next few weeks, I'm apologizing now. 
Now, photos, drawings and links:
You can Get these on things at Cafepress: BLACK & BLUE


Monday, April 18, 2011

Tora-Con 2011

Busking on Sunday
For the past three years, I've been going to any Anime Conventions close enough to my location, that I can afford and fit in my schedule. Now, I don't really watch Anime or read manga. I've only read one series in it's entirety (DeathNote), and Clannad is the only Anime I have seen more than 4 episodes of. But, this weekend I was lucky enough to find myself at my third Tora-Con anyway. So, my Tora-Con Recap.
The Day Before Day One: Unlike my first two cons, I pre-regged, so the recap being the Friday night before, where I got to go pick up my badge. Lines were minimal, due to a large number of them, and I caught up with many of my friends, to plot for the next day. (Then I went to Erin's B-Day party, which had cake. Yay.)
Day One: I got there around 10. I pranced with Erin over to Metalworks, where I ended up making a flower pin, and we met Alex. Then was the long wait to get into the vendors room [where I identified a Doctor Cosplayer behind me, by the sound of his Sonic Screwdriver, and took many shots of those walking past.] Inside, I got to see a wide variety of hats, wigs, costumes, jewellery, manga, Japanese foods and clothing. The one manga I would buy wasn't there (or should I say they had 1 & 3, but not 2.) BUT, I bought a fantastic shirt, with a Vial of Zydrate (from 'Repo! the Genetic Opera.') I found myself watching 2 different animes, one making no sense what so ever, and the other being FMA. I have now seen 3 episodes of it, and feel incredibly enlightened... Or, maybe conversations about it just make more sense? I partook in anime charades, had a bit of caffeine and got over 300 photos. Plus, Erin helped me in my first real encounter of the Final Fantasy game series. All in all, a success.
Day Two: It started with Busking (a more comprehensive story of such being here). I spent four hours with Melis, Tiffy & Alex, playing the guitar and singing. It was quite amusing, and so many people got a kick out of the sign I put in my case, that I doubt I would have made as much without it. The four of us then went to listen to a hilarious comedian, who was right about Disney, Cats and Wolverine. Basically, he made my day. As the the milkshake Alex got me, and the Anime Movie we watched, "Summer War." It wasn't what I expected, but I enjoyed it. (Funny thing is, it showed up in charades the day before.)
TL;DR: I had a fantastic time, with Melissa, Erin, Alex, Tiffy, Alyssa and all of my other friends. I learned more about what many of my friends talk about, had a blast busking, and was exhausted afterwards.

I'm working on getting the photos online, so the next post should include all of those. I'm off to do nothing, and then be productive. No rush though, because it's Spring Break!


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Meet Horatio

     I love him so much, it's not even funny. Currently, I have a Nikor 18-55mm lens, and am saving up for a 55-200mm, a second battery and a kick ass case. That means I am totally open to commisions and doing art for other people. (Any ideas you may have to raise money while I look for a job would be cool too.)
     Oh, this weekend, I'm going to an anime convention, and bringing my guitar to busk (play in public, for money). I'm killing myself, trying to find more songs to cover, that I can play without ruining too much. (Song suggestions = love)  If all goes well, I will be able to make back the money it costs me to go to the convention, and maybe get a video of my performing my best song. I'm seriously considering making bookmarks or business cards or something else to hand out, with my blogger/tumblr/facebook etc while I'm there.
    Also, next week is my spring break, which will hopefully mean lots more drawing and painting and photographing.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I Can't Stop This Feeling Any More

A kid in my lit class got that stuck in my head. 2 Parts: Words & Art.
Part one: Words.
It's been a while, due to school, being sick, and writing a journal taking longer than intended. I lost an Uncle last weekend, he was quite magnificent. He was funny, and his jokes weren't at the expense of others.  He was in the navy, and was a fantastic photographer. Part of me wishes I named my new camera Ralph, instead of Horatio.
Oh, did I say new camera? New, like, I dunnno, A Nikon D3100? Yes, yes I did.
So, I'm going to spam you with a few weeks worth of deviantart, tumblr and redgage posts, and then I'm off to honour my uncle. Then, I have a band trip this weekend, and a tromp through a park on Sunday. If all goes well, more photos shall insue.

Part two: Art

Monday, March 21, 2011

That Feeling, Deep Down In Your Gut

Normally, I spend very little time on my doodles, scribbling and lining in a rough manner. But for some reason, my most recent has turned into a bit more than that.
It's coloured pencil, and helix fineliner to line it. I don't know it just sort of, speaks to me. (Which I suppose it should...?)
If I were to get a good scan of it, would you say this is print worthy, via etsy?
Basically, it is like the feeling in the pit of your stomach. It leaves your skin crawling, your throat closing up and knocks the breath out of you. 
There are other things you could say it means, some of them I gravitate toward more than others.


Friday, March 18, 2011

I Miss Using Acrylic Paints

I have a ceramic work and a few watercolour things, but first I have to ramble a bit.
So I was at your pants, in the visual arts forum, when I came across a link in a signature (or maybe 23 links, most of which I was to adhd to pay attention too), and found myself intrigued. One blog I found is called Life With SarahB, and looking at her posts, I realized how much I miss acrylic paints. Trying new things, different styles and switching things up. So, go check her out. The funny thing is that, while at the chain store my parents shop at, I picked up a few oval pieces of wood. They get to be acrylicized. Also, I've had this idea for a few weeks, and I'm going to use some canvas board I painted over (I can't remember the rubbish that I originally painted on it.) and try to make that in acrylic.
I'm quite tired at the moment, due to a "crazy" sleep over that lasted well into the night. Plus, disappointment makes me tired, as does a myriad of other things. So, some things to look at, and I'm off.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Beware the Ides Of March

I'm going to tell you a bit about the last couple weeks, but first, Happy Birthday to STEPHEN!!!!!!!
Now, I learned quite a few things. I'm more stressed about college and the future than I thought I was (which is something I didn't think was possible.) I learned that tissues are even more entertaining than I thought ( when it comes to taking photographs.) Plus, I learned not to tell someone a false name the first time you meet them (because even though you're joking and just wanted to see if you could keep a straight face, you've screwed yourself. You're going to find him adorable, and that you have more in common than you realized, and then you're going to worry that all he cares about is that you told him your name was Elizabeth.) I'm enjoying self-improvement, making little doodles of things my lit teacher says, and my love of twizzlers is being rekindled. Also, I'm really enjoying running.
And now, some things I've posted since the last time I updated you guys. (ALSO, I've a Facebook page! I'd love you if you liked it and recommended it to your friends)