Thursday, April 30, 2015


I've always been funny when it comes to fan art. Like, I never believed I was as good as the other people I saw making fan art, so I didn't post any of my own. I made less and just did a lot of generic art. I realize that's super dumb and have started drawing more fan art. Most of the fan art I've ever done was cross over (wolverine & spidey bros, Draco vs Link blonde battle, etc) so naturally that's what I did. 
This is a Bob's Burgers x Steven Universe Crossover Drawing. (not because I watched 40 episodes total of the 2 shows in three days. naaaaah) Because Louise and Amethyst would be the best friends ever. Pranking everyone they know, having Amethyst shape shift into Linda in order to get out of school, Louise going power hungry when she learns of gem powers, etc. It would be fantastic and I wish I was a better writer or I'd whip up some fanfic.

I learned a lot from this drawing. Mostly about the flaws in my digital art. Because there are a lot of flaws in the way I do digital art. I realized a lot about lining and how I place characters. Hopefully I can take that and improve more.

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