Thursday, June 4, 2015

Say You May Forgive Me

Get it? Cause I didn't post in May? Hehehe.... Yeah. Anyway.
I spent the month of May panicking about school, visiting family (my own & the boyfriend's), and working. I have most of school figured out now. I made my schedule, have roommates (at least 2 of 3 are also animation majors), and have everything figured out for marching band. I have most of the financial stuff sorta figured out, maybe. Now I just wait until August so I can move in and start living again!

The main art thing I've been working on is a drawing for a friend of mine. I'm doing it in copic marker, and am just waiting on a few more that I ordered to be delivered. Buying online is the cheapest way to go. I got like 19 from Jerry's Artarama already, and have another 17 from Dick Blick on the way. They have them for equal prices, but they have different colours in stock and DB has refills. And I always order when I can get free shipping.
Here are a few things I've drawn since I last posted, all linked to tumblr if you click them

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