Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Planning My Way Out

I haven't posted in almost a month, but at the same time I was still actively reading blogs I follow, so I'll only count this as half a fail. Anyway, while I've been away I've gotten into 3 colleges, seen 2 of them, and made my decision. In the fall I'll be driving 3 hours away from home to go to school a state away. Dan and I drove down so I could go to an open house this past Saturday, and I'm confident I made a good decision. I'll be studying animation and film, taking classes in both before deciding on a concentration. I'll get to work digitally and traditionally, and finally in the field I want to. 
My associates in Graphic Design didn't really feel like I was doing it for me. It was like my parents wanted me to go back to school, and I was afraid my boyfriend's family would think I wasn't good enough for him if I just worked fast food forever. This time, I'm going to school for me, with full support from my family and boyfriend. 
It will be good for me, in so many ways. I will get to learn what I want to learn, spend time on a really pretty campus, potentially see more of a state I've only visited a couple times, and live on campus. To be honest, I'm super depressed. But that depression isn't what I was facing in high school (or maybe it is, but I can't go back in time to be sure). If you put depression on a scale from 1 being barely any to 10 being I've been in bed for a week and I cry every hour on the hour, when I'm out of the house I'm at a manageable 3 or 4. It can be a struggle to get going on occasion, but I'm fine. When I'm home it's a 9 for a myriad of reasons. So going away to college is going to get me out of here, and I cannot wait.
So, I've been trying to work on art, and being out of the house the last few days I was able to get a little bit of digital art done. It is my weakest skill, so I'm going to continue working on it. And now that I'm home again I'm gonna try to keep my spirits up. You'll see another post soon, I promise.

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