Friday, March 6, 2015

Electra Woman and Dyna Girl

The original Electra Woman & Dyna Girl
In the 1976 Electra Woman & Dyna Girl aired for 16 episodes. It was lead by women, poked fun at the Batman & Robin, and was pretty nifty. I've started watching it online (I'm having issues finding episodes 11&12), since it was announced that Grace Helbig (Her self-titled YT Channel)  and Hannah Hart (MyHarto, YT home of MDK) will be staring in a reboot. They're are currently filming in Canada, and I cannot tell you how excited I am for this. Both women are hilarious and I bet you it'll do so well once it is released. (The only bit missing is Mamrie Hart (You Deserve a Drink), who I think they should have on as a villain.)
I decided that to celebrate Grace & Hannah landing such an awesome gig, I was going to draw them as their characters. I drew them in the original costumes from the '76 series, since we haven't seen what they will be wearing in the reboot (Definitely something similar, Hannah insta'd about pink spandex and grace was wearing yellow gloves while vlogging on set). The background is the elevator that takes you to the Electrabase. This took a crazy amount of time, about 4 hours. It was fueled by diet dr pepper, a box of pierogis, and a spray can of yellow cake frosting. I regret nothing.
Well, I don't regret recording the drawing for a speed drawing video, but I'm not fond of how long it took to export in premier pro. Ugh. But hey, I think it came out okay. I just need to speed up my footage even more.  (Part of it is premier's preview is choppy, so I'm unsure of how the footage will look) I'll figure out what I'm doing eventually!

Thanks for reading (and watching),
(p.s. don't get too used to dailyish posts :P)

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  1. Love hearing about your process and enthusiasm! :D